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The Rock Files


Name:  Rev Jones
Hometown: Oklahoma City
Age:   34
Influences: Tony Levin,
Peter Gabriel, John Lennon,
Sly and Family Stone,
Stevie Wonder, Pete Way,
Played with: Micheal
Schenker, Fuel , Black

Rev with his favorite Homer
Simpson Bottle opener

Photo By Libby Wendt

Welcome to the Oct 2004 edition of THE ROCK FILES. This
month's featured artist is REV JONES, bass guitar player for such
top acts as The Michael Schenker band, Fuel, Black Symphony
and others. Rev, who is a well respected musician by his peers is
also a   great human being as well and I was honored to be able to
get the time to sit down and talk to him about what he is up to.
Rev who was in town recently playing with Michael Schenker's
band at Sunken Gardens is truly an audience pleaser. His stage
energy and thunderous bass rifts made him a welcome addition to
the San Antonio music scene and judging by the way the crowd
surrounded him asking for autographs  proves that he is at  the
top of his game.  So here goes......
SRP:  Thanks alot Rev for being here for the interview.
RJ: Helllllooooo
SRP: So tell us what you are up to, your background in music,who
were some of your influences etc.
RV: Well, I started in 1952,with a young man called Buddy Holly...  I
grew up in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City. I was in a band from around
1988 to 1995 called  Forte and we actually played around in this
area, put out a couple of albums, got kinda big and then I quit and
joined Black Symphony we had a couple of albums out worldwide,
did some ESPN stuff., then I did some recording with Paul Gilbert (
Mr. Big), and then hired by Michael to do a couple of albums and
tour, played with Fuel.....
SRP: How did that show go?
RJ: I did it for a month,  being one of those things where I got
called and it's either going to be a week or a month, you don't
know, so I kinda went out and played on his basses and amps and
everything.  Those guys are great people, everyone in the band,
the whole crew. They are cool people. They move around on
stage, maybe not as much as me but they do move around so
when I was on stage with them I just fit.

       Did You Know?
Rev used to play in a KISS
tribute band where he
performed as Gene Simmon's

Photo By Libby Wendt

SRP: So they gave you stage freedom?
RJ:Oh yeah, they gave me every kind of freedom because I never rehearsed. I actually got on the bus in one city,
watched them play , learned all the songs from there to the next city.  And so the first time I ever played with them  
was at sound check and I came out on stage to 15,000 people there in Atlanta   and I'm just doing my thing  and I'd
never even knew the songs,  I had listened to them on the radio. They gave me a CD a week before so I could listen
to it before the actual show.  I memorized the show and I looked at a set list and didn't know the songs by name.,   all
I knew was this song from that  song etc. ,so after a few shows I started knowing what songs were which and I knew
how they started, so I just came out and after a couple of shows,  it was great... It was fun.  I had just gotten off the
tour with Schenker,   we did Europe and a week later I was on the road with Fuel.  So I went from seeing mostly older
people from the Schenker crowd,  mostly guys,   to a bunch of 22 year old girls singing the Fuel songs.  I mean what
a difference! I was actually the young kid of the band.  I thought that the guys in Fuel  were going to be younger,  I
had heard of them and I thought they were all younger than me and I got there and they are all 39 to 43.....(.
SRP: How was your response over in Europe?
RJ: Oh, Its always great there. It's funny cuz Black Symphony sold like 200-300,000 albums over there so I am kinda
like a Rock Star over there and on the covers of the magazines, and Michael is like the celebrity guy, he's not like the
new rock star, kinda like you have Eddie Van Halen who is the old guy... that would be Michael Schenker over there.  
It was  kinda funny cuz I go over there playing with Michael Schenker and people are coming up with Black Symphony
and Forte albums for me to sign them. Plus  our drummer Pete played in Black and Blue in the 80's and people are
coming up with these old albums.
SRP:Do you think Michael Schenker has such a following in Europe because he is from there?  I have noticed how
some 80's bands  have these huge followings over seas but yet they have poor sales in the U.S. and have a hard
time keeping their popularity in their home country....
RJ: The problem with America is everyone is popular by radio, so if someone is big on radio or MTV they are big, and
if they aren't big on the radio they pull 1000 or 2000 people a show. In Europe it doesn't matter if you are big on the
radio or what, they only come to your show if you are good. Europeans  listen to Metal and they like those bands.
There is a difference.  I grew up listening to Helloween, those kind of  bands and early  Metallica and Megadeath, but
before that it was Diamondhead, Budgie those kind of bands  which is what heavy metal is built on now.  When I hear
those bands now ,, the old stuff,  its great! yet  when I hear new bands that sound like that  I don't like them.  I love
the old stuff cuz I grew up with it. If those European  people grew up listening to it, then they love everything and if
Helloween has a new album, those people are at the show, If Schenker has a new album, those people are at the
show. There is a band Rammstein and  they sell more than Madonna. They sell out all through Europe.  They sell out
football stadiums with 89,000 people in it. Their sound is brutal so they fit in with groups like Slipknot, and when they
play here for 6000 people they hate it cuz in Europe they draw huge crowds on their own. Its A GREAT  show. They
are a great band. That band will always be big. even If they took 20 years off and came back they would still be big
over there. They wouldn't  be here because  of radio.
SRP: What have been the high  points of your career thus far and your low points?
RJ: The high.... I haven't gotten there yet., hopefully because if this is the high point,,, Damn I'm screwed!  I don't
really have any low points.  I started playing music when I was 15 and I have been on the road playing it since then.
Guys I grew up with, some of them are great players and if you saw them you wouldn't believe they are not out doing
something. The problem missing with some today is they don't have that superstar thing.  Like Angus Young, even if
you don't like his playing he still has something, Eddie van halen, he still has something. King Diamond... alot of
these people don't have that. Like Michael Scheduler,  what he has now is like what he had in the 70's   he does his
guitar thing , great player,  he has his thing. So all these guys that had this thing when I was growing up... Well I
started making something of it and going after it and they all have jobs at the factories and families. Some move to
CA and then they come back.  I never did that . Everything I got I stayed in Oklahoma and got. I didn't move to CA till
SRP: Do you think that being in a stable place like San Antonio, in England or across the seas, don't you think that
where you are at is where you can make it?
RJ: Oh yeah, it doesn't matter where you make it , like Jerry Cantrell, he's from Oklahoma, he made it in Seattle. But
he didn't move to Seattle to make it. A friend of mine played in a disco band in Oklahoma and he is in The Nixons
now. He just happened to get a   gig.  My buddy Greg Upchurch is in that band Puddle of Mudd and we grew up
playing in a cover band and he played with Jerry Cantrell and he couldn't get a gig with anybody. He opened up for a
band Eleven and they needed a member so he learned the stuff. He played with them and then played on Chris
Cornell albums and then  he got a gig with Puddle of Mudd. All my friends, no one moved there to do it. Tthey all got
a gig that took them there.  Last year alone I had an Alice Cooper gig offered to me but it was long term so I turned it
down and a Rod Halford gig and I turned it down because it was 7 mos and I was already booked.
SRP; You have played with some big guns in your time.  Who would you say were the funnest and who was
somebody you would never want to tour with?
RJ: The Fuel guys were great, it was a short term thing that I hated leaving, the crew guys, I loved them all to death, I
hate not being around these guys every day. Jeff Martin who played with me in Black Symphony and is on the road
with Kevin DuBrow is a great guy. We were in Europe together looking at stuff. It was cool. I have never been on the
road with someone I hate.
SRP:  Where do you see Rev in 10 years and what do you see yourself doing?
RJ: Well I was planning on the Presidency but they are too many bad photos of me around and I was arrested in TX
for indecent exposure. In Dallas, I have a piercing  and  there is a girl sitting next to us that wanted to see it so I
showed it to her and then I was under arrest.
SRP: What would you have to say is your favorite thing about San Antonio?
RJ: Well it would have to be the heat and humidity today, no hmmmm The people here are great. We used to play at
a club here and the people were great.  When I play here with Michael and with Fuel the people were great. When I
go back home to Oklahoma I work for a lighting company and I do concerts and I come thru here all the time for these
cheer leading events.  Its awful!  a bunch of young girls jumping around... (laughs)  
HEY REV... Don't forget... 16 can
get ya 20!

Well there ya go!  Thank you so much Rev Jones. !!!