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SEPTEMBER 14, 2009
The upcoming STEELHEART tour in KOREA has been postponed until 2010. The government of South Korea and the promoter have decided to postpone the dates due to the current outbreak of the influenza virus. The shows will be rescheduled for early next year, the dates should be announced in November...
2 new songs available online featuring REV JONES BAND, songs are cover songs featured on recently released tribute albums from Versailles Records.
  (listen to the songs HERE )
"SO FAR" - Lit Up: a millennium tribute to Buck Cherry
"HEAVEN AND HOTRODS" - Wicked Garden: a millennium tribute to Stone Temple Pilot
AUGUST 11, 2009
Two tribute cd's now available featuring tracks by REV JONES BAND
  "Lit Up: A Millennium Tribute to Buckcherry" and "Wicked Garden: A Millennium Tribute to Stone Temple Pilots"

On August 11th, Versailles Records will return to stores with the release ‘Lit Up: A Millennium Tribute to Buckcherry’ and ‘Wicked Garden: A Millennium Tribute to Stone Temple Pilots,’ collectively featuring current/former members of Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Badlands, Fuel, Matt Fink of Prince and the Revolution, Metal Church, Alice Cooper Band, Europe, Mountain, Ratt, Steelheart, LA Guns, Dokken, Steelheart, Slash’s Snakepit, W.A.S.P., the Circle Jerks, Warrant, Lizzy Borden, Racer X, Quiet Riot, and others. Both Tributes will include a 2nd Free Bonus Disc, Buckcherry’s titled ‘Anthem Rock Vol. 1/2′, and STP’s a free bonus sampler featuring unsigned, Millennium bands influenced by STP. On the same day, the label will issue Katet’s ‘Quantum Journey,’ which features a guest appearance by Stryper/Boston frontman Michael Sweet.

JULY 21, 2009
The MOUNTAIN tour has begun, come see REV, CORKY, and LESLIE live headlining the Hippiefest... MOUNTAIN will also be playing at the 40th anniversary of WOODSTOCK in Bethel, NY on August 15th...

MOUNTAIN - 2009 US tour:
Tue 07/21/09 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
Wed 07/22/09 Binghamton, NY Anderson Center For The Perf. Arts
Thu 07/23/09 Baltimore, MD Pier Six Pavilion
Fri 07/24/09 Burgettstown, PA Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse
Sat 07/25/09 Belleville, ON Empire Square
Wed 07/29/09 Tulsa, OK SpiritBank Event Center
Thu 07/30/09 Grand Prairie, TX Nokia Theatre At Grand Prairie
Fri 07/31/09 Universal City, CA Universal City Walk
Sat 08/01/09 Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theatre
Sat 08/08/09 Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
Sun 08/09/09 Farmingville, NY Brookhaven Amphitheatre
Tue 08/11/09 Vienna, VA Barns At Wolf Trap
Wed 08/12/09 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun
Sat 08/15/09 Bethel, NY Bethel Woods Center For The Arts
Sun 08/16/09 Fort Lauderdale, FL Broward Center For The Perf. Arts
Tue 08/18/09 Foxboro, MA Showcase Live
Wed 08/19/09 Pittsfield, MA Colonial Theatre
Thu 08/20/09 Rochester, NY Water Street
Fri 08/21/09 Toronto, ON CNE Exhibition Park

JULY 13, 2009
MSG tour update 13...

JULY 7, 2009
MSG tour update 11...

MSG tour update 12...

JULY 4, 2009
MSG tour update 10...

JULY 2, 2009
MSG tour update 9...

JUNE 30, 2009
MSG tour update 8...

JUNE 29, 2009
MSG tour update 7...

JUNE 25, 2009
MSG tour update 6...

JUNE 23, 2009
MSG tour update 5...

JUNE 21, 2009
MSG tour update 4...

JUNE 18, 2009
Bay Area Backstage has uploaded soundcheck and behind-the-scenes footage of REV JONES and MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP recent concert in California, as well as archive footage from the 2001 Be Aware Of Scorpions Tour. Watch the 27-minute clip below or at www.myspace.com/michaelmagicr2cents

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP's current touring lineup is as follows:
Michael Schenker - Guitar
Gary Barden - Vocals
Rev Jones - Bass
Wayne Findlay - Guitar,Keyboards
Pete Holmes - Drums

MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP: Soundcheck, Behind-The-Scenes Footage

JUNE 16, 2009
A word from REV JONES...

"I think I have finally succeeded in life. When I was a kid people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell them I wanted to be a cartoon character. So to quote a line from a recent M.S.G. review:
"I think Rev Jones should try and mellow-out a little bit, for someone who has that much talent, he comes-across like a cartoon character."
Thanks Dirk, I'm glad you noticed..........

for live reviews, photos, and news about MSG check out RBARAKI.COM

JUNE 16, 2009
MSG tour update 3 posted...

JUNE 14, 2009
MSG tour updates posted...

JUNE 10, 2009
REV JONES returns to MSG for a US tour. REV and PETE HOLMES have joined forces again with MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP for a 5 week tour of the US and 1 show in Canada... Following the MSG tour REV starts back up with MOUNTAIN for a 5 week tour, most of which is part of the HIPPIEFEST tour, but also includes a HEROES OF WOODSTOCK show and a couple of headlining MOUNTAIN shows... REV will also be heading to KOREA in September with STEELHEART for 3 shows... All tour dates have been posted on the TOURS PAGE
FEBRUARY 10, 2009
REV JONES will be playing some promotional shows with STEELHEART on the west coast this coming weekend, here are the dates:

Feb 13th - Brixton South Bay... Radondo Beach, California
Feb 14th - Santa Fe Station... Las Vegas, Nevada
Feb 15th - Coach House... San Juan Capistrano, California

STEELHEART Video from the Album: G2BA

JANUARY 20, 2009
---January 15th-18th 2009 - Anaheim, CA - WINTER NAMM SHOW---
Another great NAMM SHOW is complete, here is a recap of the 4 day event...

WEDNESDAY - we arrived in Anaheim California about 7 pm, checked in the room and headed out to a local club to see my buds TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION play and hang out with some long time friends DAVID BROWN (Sinergy mgmt.), BUDDY BLAZE (master guitar builder), JASON MEUDT and the DEAN TV crew, it was a fun pre-NAMM night...

THURSDAY - Let the show begin. The first day is always a bit laid back, not as many people there yet, so you can get more personal business done on that day, and that is what I did. I started off by stopping in to say hello to all the guys that work for the company's I have deals with, DEAN GUITARS, KAHLER, EDEN ELECTRONICS, ERNIE BALL STRINGS, SENNHEISER, BRUBAKER GUITARS, and LM STRAPS. I usually only see most of the guys at the NAMM show so it's always great to see them and chat about things. Once again KAHLER had a big REV JONES poster hanging in the booth and DEAN had that huge display of me at their booth, gotta love that. I also ran into a few friends while making my way around, MICHAEL ANTHONY (van halen), ERIK TURNER (warrant), MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO, STU HAMM, JIM WRIGHT (warrguitarist), and EVIL D (morbid angel, genitorturers). It was a good opening day. That night we headed over to the original FENDER factory which is now a bar for the NAMM JAM concert, there was like 4 bands and then they have a big jam after. I was outside talking with NEIL TURBIN during 2 of the bands so I dont know who they were. Then the jam started, and for some reason the idiot running the jam waited like 2 hours before calling me and the other rock players up, he basically had a band full of people that I never heard of playing every SRV blues song you hear at every club, and they would just change out 1 guy every couple of songs. Plus when he introduced them he read the credits each guy and each one had 10 famous bands they supposedly played with. Then he finally calls ME and JACK FROST (savatage, 7witches) up to jam and mentions no bands they we have played with, he barely said our full names, but he did say in a crybaby voice that we were "gonna play metal", what an idiot. So anyway, myself, JACK FROST, PIERCE (black symphony), and TAZ MARAZZ played "Another Thing Coming" "Rock-n-Roll" and a killer jam version of "Heaven and Hell", the crowd loved it but the dork running the jam came up and shut us down. Well I stayed up for one more song, I was joined DERRICK PONTIER (great white) and MIKE GUERRERO (deathriders), and some guitarist and keyboardist that I didn't know. I had to play bass and sing lead so we did a version of Jeff Beck "Going Down", everyone there said it was amazing including the idiot in charge, he said to me "you were awesome" and all I could say back was "oh now I'm awesome, your a D_CK". We left right after I got off stage. It was very cool playing with those guys, I wish it would have been longer...

FRIDAY - Let the party begin. Basically all I did the whole day was hang out in the DEAN booth talking to people taking pictures with people and signing things, this lasted the whole day, I had never seen that many people crammed in a booth in my life, I can easily say we (DEAN) had the best booth at the convention. I also had a chance to talk to some friends I had not seen in a while, MARCO MENDOZA (lynch mob), URIAH DUFFY (whitesnake), ULI ROTH, ADRIAN BELEW, TONY LEVIN (the bass god), JEFF CAMPITELLI (satriani), CORKY LAING, and fellow Okie CHUCK GOFF (toby kieth). I would say in all my many years of going to NAMM, this was the busiest Friday I have ever witnessed. After the convention was over I shot over to the Hilton and attended the KAHLER ARTIST party. Every year GARY KAHLER throws a party for all his artist to get to know each other, its always a great party. We stayed for 2 hours then headed down to the famous Hilton Bar where I basically stood in one place talking to some more friends I hadn't seen in while, BOBBY HAMBEL (biohazard), JEFF SOTO (t.s.o.), DEREK SHERINIAN (billy idol), HOWIE SIMON (jeff soto), MIKKEY DEE (motorhead), and SEAN McNABB (greatwhite). Then I realized I had talked way too much and headed to the room. Two down two to go...

SATURDAY - Its gonna be a long one. This day was very similar to Friday, I spent a lot of time at the DEAN booth talking with people as well as doing a couple of interviews for the DEAN live webcast with GEN from GENITORTURERS and my new buddy METAL SANAZ, they are both so cool. I did set aside some time to walk around and check out some of new things soon to be released. I brought a bass with me so first stop was the EDEN booth to try out the amazing new little bitty 500 watt bass amp that weighs 3 pounds, oh is it awesome. I also shot up to YOUNG CHANG and had my guys show me the new KURZWEIL keyboard that I'm gonna be getting, it's got all the bells and whistles, they know their stuff at that company. Well at 4:00 I had to call it a day and head over to the House of Blues where the "namm guitar gods" concert is going to take place. The show features MSG, FRANK HANNON, WARREN DeMARTINI, and TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION. Originally I was going to join the THC guys onstage to play one of their songs, but their set got cut down to 20 minutes so that was not happening anymore. But I got a text message inviting me to play a couple of songs with MSG, so I excepted. It was a fun night, the MSG lineup was MICHAEL SCHENKER, WAYNE FINDLAY, ROBIN McAULY, BRIAN TICHY (billy idol), and my buddy ROBBIE CRANE (ratt) on bass. The vibe backstage was great because of all the guys that played throughout the night, FRANK HANNON (tesla), ROBERT MASON (warrant), WARREN DeMARTINI (ratt), CARLOS CAVAZO (quiet riot), NIKO McBRAIN (iron maiden), JAMES KOTTAK (scorpions), and VINNIE MOORE (ufo). After performing a killer MSG set the band ended with "Rock Bottom" and said good night, the curtain shut and several people in the crowd left thinking it was over (without an encore), after a few minutes the curtain opened up and there we stood SCHENKER, BRIAN, WAYNE, LESLIE WEST (mountain), and ME, the crowd went nuts. We did 2 songs, Jeff Beck's "Going Down" and the MOUNTAIN classic "Never In My Life", it was great playing with all 4 of those guys, but especially playing with LESLIE and MICHAEL at the same time. We hung out for a bit and talked then I went back to the room. Lights out...

SUNDAY - Approaching the finish line. The last day is the slow mellow day at NAMM, it's the day where you can actually go see everything at all the booths because there isn't very many people left at the convention. That is good because I was so exhausted I couldn't have handled another busy day. I did run into a couple more friends that I hadn't seen, JEFF ABERCROMBIE (fuel), GEORGE LYNCH, BRETT SCALLIONS (fuel) his wife ABBY (slunt) and their little MAN, the lovely RACHELLE RAMM, and I hung out with JEFF MARTIN (racer x) and his family (jamie and madison), he told me all about the RACER X reunion show that I missed the night before and I told him about the MSG jam. Then I made my way around to all my booths to say goodbye to everyone, and headed back to the room. Then I did what every real ROCKSTAR does, I went to sleep about 7:00 pm... THE END...

REV JONES and LESLIE WEST setting in with MSG

JANUARY 14, 2009