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DECEMBER 26, 2006
REV JONES onstage in GERMANY for Christmas.. Last night in HANNOVER at the VICTORY, NIKKI PUPPET, MENNEN show, REV joined NIKKI PUPPET on stage and played a song with them from their first album.... Also new KOTTAK and BLACK SYMPHONY dates have been added to the
TOURS page, the first KOTTAK show will be this coming Friday at THE JOINT in HOLLYWOOD, REV will also be appearing at several booths at the winter NAMM SHOW, including a show on the opening night where REV performs with both KOTTAK and BLACK SYMPHONY....
Words from REV: I want to send my condolences to TOMI RAE and the rest of the JAMES BROWN family for their loss. This is a very sad day for music, he will be missed...
JAMES "godfather of soul" BROWN  1933-2006 R.I.P
DECEMBER 25, 2006
DECEMBER 05, 2006
New REV JONES feature page on the
DEAN GUITARS website, including new photos.
NOVEMBER 21, 2006
Words from REV: I want to apologize to all the fans that wrote to me and all the fans in JAPAN & THAILAND for the talentless guitar playing that took place on stage next to me at the last 3 MSG shows, I myself could not believe how bad SCHENKER played. Although ME, PETE, JARI, and WAYNE all gave 110%, in my eyes he gave less then 1% and that is so disrespectful not only to the band and the crew but also to the loyal MSG fans. So again I apologize for his actions because he would never apologize himself. We have 2 more shows and it is OVER.
best wishes
NOVEMBER 09, 2006
New interview with REV JONES posted
OCTOBER 30, 2006
REV has a new strap company
"LM STRAPS" they will be making him new straps for the upcoming MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP JAPAN / ASIA TOUR... There are also 3 more Asian shows added, check the tours page for more details.... Also 3 videos have been posted on the REV JONES myspace page, one is a FORTE video from 1994, another is a promo MSG video from 2006, and the other is a live video of REV playing & singing a Judas Priest song with a cover band in 2006....
OCTOBER 02, 2006
REV will be doing the MSG Japan tour coming up this November, check the
TOURS page for dates, more info about the other Asian dates and the UK dates will be posted soon... The new KOTTAK (formerly Krunk) album "Therupy" is now available at stores and on the website, for more info and to read reviews check out the site  KOTTAK....
AUGUST 15, 2006
REV will be doing a few more
FORTE reunion shows as well as a reunion CD, one confirmed date has been posted on the TOURS page, also more info about the show on the 19th can be found HERE.... More dates will be added soon as well as info about the CD....

The release date for the new KOTTAK (formerly Krunk) album "Therupy" is September 29th.... For more info check

Also for all of you wondering about the photo on the main page, it is REV JONES when he was 7 years old, he chose the photo because of the musical shirt with the Elvis pin, and the "I didn't do anything wrong" look on his face.....
AUGUST 12, 2006
Words from REV: Whats shaking? First off I want to thank everyone for supporting us on the European tour and at all the festivals, you're the best. I played with MSG at the WACKEN festival last week to over 60,000 people, it was amazing, what a crowd. The highlight of the show for me was during my bass solo having 60,000 people clapping there hands together keeping time for me as I played "Eleanor Rigby", this is something I'll never forget. I also performed at the festival with KOTTAK (formerly KRUNK) and I played a song onstage with my favorite German band NIKKI PUPPET, both or these performances were also great. Aside from playing at the festival it was also great to be able to hangout with some of my friends that I have not seen in a while, NIBBS from SAXON, URIAH & REB from WHITESNAKE, KAI & DIRK from GAMMA RAY, METAL CHURCH, NIKKI PUPPET, WE, MIKKEY DEE from MOTORHEAD, DAVID from MORBID ANGEL, ELLIOT from DEAN GUITARS, ULI ROTH, and the SCORPIONS. What a party. We are now getting ready for the MSG North American tour that should kick off in September and go until the middle of November, followed by a short tour in Asia and back to the U.K. for a few shows. It should be a great tour. I will post the dates as soon as they are all confirmed. Again thank you to everyone that supported us, see ya on the road.
AUGUST 8, 2006
New MSG photos from the WACKEN festival have been posted
HERE and HERE , also photos of KOTTAK (formerly KRUNK) from the WACKEN festival have been posted HERE ...... The whole MSG performance from WACKEN can be viewed on the website on the videostream link, here are the links, VIDEOSTREAM 1 (MSG show starts at about 34:00 minutes) and VIDEOSTREAM 2 ......

Words from REV about the festival will be posted later today, so check back.......
APRIL 25, 2006
New MSG photos posted
HERE , also MSG Japan tour dates added, check out the TOURS page for all the dates...... Also new pictures of REV's new hand tats posted HERE.....
APRIL 10, 2006
New MSG photos posted
HERE , also a new date added on the MSG Europe tour, check out the TOURS page for all the dates......
Words from REV: Whats shaking? I'm just getting re-adjusted from the GERMANY trip. The trip was great, we did a week of MSG rehearsals with the new singer JARI, and I'll tell ya the band is sounding better then ever. We also attended the Music Messe in Frankfurt Germany, which is like the European version of the NAMM show, where we met with a bunch of fans, did some signings, and hung out at the DEAN booth with both Schenker's Michael & Rudolf, it was great. We also played 2 shows while we were there, the first was a MSG cd listening party for only press, it was a very cool show, it was all press people but they were all getting into it just like a normal concert. The second show we did was a German T.V. show called ROCKPALAST, it was fantastic. Judging by these 2 shows I think the upcoming MSG tour will be a great success.
APRIL 5, 2006
New MSG dates have been added to the
TOUR PAGE Flensburg Germany and Copenhagen Denmark.....Also REV has just returned from Germany where MSG had rehearsals for the upcoming Europe tour and they played 2 shows, the first was a album listening party in Frankfurt and the second was a T.V. show in Koln called ROCK PALAST..... Photos from these 2 shows have been posted HERE , more will be posted throughout the week as well as a comment from REV about the shows......

REV will also be in the studio this week recording tracks with keyboardist
ERIC RAGNO for a new project call CHINA BLUE..... more details will be posted later......

REV will also be doing a photo shoot this week for
KAHLER , the photos will feature REV showing off the new KAHLER fixed bass bridge which acording to REV is the best bridge available.... Photos will be posted soon..........
MARCH 22, 2006
New BLACK SYMPHONY songs from the upcoming double album have been posted at these 3 locations 
#1#2#3 ..... Check back for more info on the BLACK SYMPHONY....
MARCH 20, 2006
More MSG tour dates have been posted on
TOUR PAGE including SWEDEN ROCK FEST..... Also KRUNK will appear at WACKEN OPEN AIR 8/04/06.......
MARCH 13, 2006
New MSG tour dates posted on
TOUR PAGE.......... BLACK SYMPHONY dates will be added soon...... REV will be using his new DEAN PACE electric upright bass on the upcoming MSG tour, he has also added a KAHLER bridge to his BRUBAKER basses....
JANUARY 26, 2006
Photos of REV hanging out and performing at the NAMM show can be found at the following locations: a shot of REV hanging out at the DEAN booth is on
MODERNGUITARS.COM , several shots of REV from the EDEN booth are here EDEN-ELECTRONICS.COM , and a shot of REV, JACK FROST, and ERIC RAGNO playing at the TKL booth has been posted at ERICRAGNO.COM ..... More photos to be posted this week as well as a report from REV about the NAMM show......

Also anyone that took photos of REV at the show or if you discover any photos online that someone else took, please email REV at so we can add them to the site.....
JANUARY 16, 2006
New KRUNK tour date has been listed on the
TOURS link. The show is at THE GIG in HOLLYWOOD, CA on FEBRUARY 4th...... REV will also be performing at the NAMM show this coming weekend, 19th - 22nd..... REV and RICK PLESTER will be performing several times over the weekend at the EDEN\RANDALL booth, and REV will also be performing with JACK FROST at a couple of other booths.... We will post the times and booths as soon as we get that info....
JANUARY 14, 2006
Today REV JONES is celebrating another birthday, so

"Happy Birthday to REV!!!!!!"