NEWS 2004
DECEMBER 31, 2004
Words from REV: "Happy New Years!!!!!! see ya in 2005"
DECEMBER 20, 2004
New interview / feature with REV has been posted on ....
DECEMBER 20, 2004
New interview with Bob Nalbandian and all the members of MSG has been posted on
The interview took place during the 2nd leg of the U.S. tour............
DECEMBER 19, 2004
New website updates...
Several new photos added to the
Album cover photos added to the
DECEMBER 18, 2004
Words from REV: "I would like to wish HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all my friends, my fans, and my family...."
In loving memory of PATSY HESTER 1927-2004
DECEMBER 15, 2004
Just confirmed.... REV will be performing with MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP at the upcoming NAMM convention. The concert will take place Thursday January 20th, which is the first night of the convention. The venue it will be held at is called
VAULT 350, it's located in LONG BEACH, CA.... Also playing on the bill is GEORGE LYNCH (Dokken), GILBY CLARKE (guns & roses), BRUCE KULICK (Kiss), and FRANK HANNON (Tesla)..... For more info

Aside from the MSG gig, REV will be performing throughout the NAMM show at a couple of different booths, where he will be doing some demonstrations of his playing, talking with people about his gear, and signing photos. Also he has been asked by 2 different guitarist to play bass at their shows, one of them is Friday night and the other is Saturday night. Neither show has been set in stone yet, so we are just waiting for confirmation, but as soon as we hear from then we will post all the details...I think that he might have grew up with one of them.... For more info about the NAMM show
DECEMBER 10, 2004
Words from REV: "I would like to send my condolences and prayers to the ABBOTT family... I am still so devastated about this whole tragic event, that I am completely at a loss for words... I have been friends with DARRELL for almost 20 years, he's one of the coolest people that I ever had the pleasure to know... He will be missed, but he won't be forgotten..... Rest in peace Daddy-O".
DECEMBER 9, 2004
DECEMBER 8, 2004
There are some new pictures posted on the
photo page , and there will be more to come.....
DECEMBER 5, 2004
New interview with REV has been posted online at
DECEMBER 3, 2004
REV was spotted hanging out with (former MSG and current B'Z drummer) SHANE GAALAAS and some other friends Thursday night watching the closest thing right now to the NHL, beer league ice hockey. The league is full of former pro hockey players, RICK PLESTER of BLACK SYMPHONY being one of them, and due to the current NHL situation these teams are stacked with a bunch of NHL players staying in shape, and according to REV "unless your watching re-runs of a past NHL season, this is the best hockey that you can see right now."...
DECEMBER 2, 2004
The new MSG "World Wide Live 2004" dvd is now available in the states at
BEST BUY .......
DECEMBER 1, 2004
REV got his broken hand re-set and has a brand new blue cast (pictures coming soon)..... We will be updating the site over the next month so keep checking back for new pictures, news, and info on coming events....
NOVEMBER 30, 2004
Words from REV: "We made it. I want to thank all the fans that came to the shows, and talked with me afterwards, and all of you that wrote me e-mails (I will reply to all of them). The tour was great, I met some great people, like the support group PURE INC, what a great bunch of guys, if you want to hear a killer band with a real singer check them out at , also I think they have some pictures on their site of all of us goofing off. I also got a chance while we were in DENMARK to hang out and talk with a couple of my metal influences, MICHAEL DENNER and HANK SHERMANN from MERCIFUL FATE, it was cool, we just hung out after the show and talked for while, great people, they have a new band called FORCE OF EVIL . Once again thank you to all the fans for all your support. Best wishes to all."
NOVEMBER 29, 2004
The MSG European tour has been completed and the 1 year mark of the ARACHNOPHOBIAC tour was passed... Yes the rumor is true, REV did suffer a broken right hand while in Europe, but somehow he managed to still go out the last 10 shows like nothing was wrong and play at 100%....
OCTOBER 11, 2004
Check out the new interview with REV on , the interview took place in San Antonio on September 4th after the show.....

Also check out the new add for STAR LEATHERS custom guitar straps featuring REV.... click
SEPTEMBER 28, 2004
The MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP U.S tour has been completed and the band is preparing for the EUROPEAN tour. REV said "the tour was good and bad, all the shows were great, the crowds, the venues, and the band was on fire every night, but we had nothing but trouble with our bus almost everyday... The first bus started breaking down and falling apart after the first week, then we changed busses and it started to slowly fall apart, then on the way home only 100 miles away from my parents house in OKLAHOMA it broke down, so I had to get someone to come and pick me up, and from what I've heard the bus broke down 3 more times before it got to CALIFORNIA.... So I'm glad it's over, well at least the bus part". He also mentioned the new live MSG DVD, he said "The new DVD is amazing, the production is killer, better then 90% of the live DVD's I've seen, and our performance was out of this world. I think anyone who is a fan of live concerts will enjoy this DVD.".....
To read reviews and see pictures from the MSG tour... click HERE
Also check out the pictures AXESLINGER took on the new MSG tour... click HERE
AUGUST 9, 2004
During the MSG 2004 European tour, Metal Mind Productions recorded a DVD of MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP live at the Metal Mania Festival in Karowice, Poland. and now the DVD entitled "MSG - world wide live 2004" is soon to be released world wide. Release dates are as follows:

USA - OCTOBER 5, 2004
the rest of the world - OCTOBER 11, 2004
As can be seen on AMAZON.COM, the first 3,000 units of the U.S. edition of the DVD will be packaged with a free full length CD. Order your copy direct at AMAZON.COM
JULY 25, 2004
New M.S.G. tour dates have been posted on the tours page, and more dates will be posted as they are confirmed.... The tour is a co-headline tour with MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP and ULI ROTH, some shows will also include GEORGE LYNCH.....
MAY 13, 2004
REV got a brand new tattoo on his back tonight, pictures will be posted in the next couple of days on the TATS link....
MAY 9, 2004
REV  is currently on the road in the USA playing bass with MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP...
check the
tours link for more info....
APRIL 3, 2004
REV  is currently on the road in the USA playing bass with FUEL while their bass player and his wife have a baby, REV will be on the tour APRIL 9th - 30th, check the tours link for more info.....

In other news, while on the MSG tour of EUROPE the band shot a DVD in POLAND, it should be released sometime around MAY 2004.....

To read reviews and see pictures from the MSG tour click
FEB 20, 2004
REV  is currently on the road in EUROPE with MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, check the tour page for dates.
Also check
here for info on BLACK SYMPHONY and the new project featuring REV and members of BLACK SYMPHONY, MSG, BLACK-N-BLUE.....